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PRESS RELEASE / 10 March 2010

Victor Smirnov-Golovanov’s   MOSCOW CITY BALLET

It was a great surprise when we found advertising and promotion for a tour calling itself Le Plus Grands Ballets Classique using images of the dancers and the name of Moscow City Ballet.

Moscow City Ballet has recently finished a very successful  eight week tour of the United Kingdom with sell out performances and has returned to Moscow   The company and dancers is not touring France at this time.     
The ticket agent site for selling tickets (fnac france) responded to us  immediately, explaining that producers and venues gave the picture/ images  for events that fnac are selling.  They confirmed they would remove the image immediately.

It is very likely that the venues on the tour and publicity already out is still claiming the forthcoming performances as Moscow City Ballet which will be misleading for the ticket buying public.  

We are contacting all the theatres that we can find advertised and asking them to display a  public notice that this company is not Moscow City Ballet and to ask the venues to tell the  ticket buying public who the company actually is.

The tour venues we can find at present are :

Ultimate Alexpo Grenoble 13th March ;  Neptune Palace Toulon 15th March ;  Ardadium Annecy 16th March ;  Micropolis Besancon 17th March ; Millesium Epernay 18th March ;  Hall of Pubs Bar Le Duc  19th March ;  Arena Metz  20th March ;  Place des Arts,  Rueil Malmaison;  Palace de Congress Marseille 25th March ;   Acropolis S Apollon Nice  26th March ;  Palace of Congress Les Bains 27th March ;  Bocapole Bressure  31st March ;   Vinci Tours  1st April ;  City of Congress Nantes  2nd April ; Congress Auditorium Angers 2rd April ;  Palace of Congress Le Mans  5th April ;  Casino Arras 6th April;    Auditorium Amiens  7th April ;  Zenith Arena Lille  8th April ;    Gayant Expo Douai Cedex  9th April;  Elispace Beauvais 10th April ;  Casino de Paris Paris  11th April ;  Minotaur Vendome 13th April ;          Dial Evreux 14th April ;   The Cube  Parcs des Expos Troyes 15th April ;  Zenith de Dijon Dijon  16th April ;  PMC Erasmus Hall Strasbourg  17th April.
Patricia Murray-Bett
Classical Events Ltd
Vicarage House
58-60 Kensington Church Street
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