MUSIC: Sergei Prokofiev
LIBRETTO: Nikolai Volkov
VERSION  AND  DIRECTION: Victor Smirnov-Golovanov
CHOREOGRAPHY: Victor Smirnov-Golovanov
DESIGNER: Natalia Povago
COSTUMES: Natalia Povago
RUNNING TIMES: ACT 1: 50 minutes; ACT 2: 65 minutes;



The King has a dream in which the Fairies ask him to find a beautiful girl for his son the Prince to marry.  He is happy to agree.


Scene One  – The Palace

The King awakens and greets his ministers.  Recalling his dream, he orders them to arrange a Grand Ball and to invite all the girls in the Kingdom to attend.   The Prince enters and his father suggests he should consider marriage.  The Prince declares he is not ready for marriage, and there is no one he really loves.

Scene Two  – Cinderella’s House

Cinderella lives with her father, her stepmother, and her two stepsisters.  An Invitation has arrived to the Ball and the sisters demand they be bought new dresses.   Cinderella realises that she will have nothing to wear and sits sadly by the fireplace.   Her father returns with the huge boxes and Cinderella is driven away by her stepmother as she and her daughter examine their new gowns.   A dancing master arrives and tries in vain to inject some style and elegance in the dancing skills of the three women.   Everyone leaves for the Ball except Cinderella.  Suddenly a Fairy Godmother appears, accompanied by the Fairies of the Four Seasons.  Cinderella is taught to dance beautifully and is presented with a miraculous pink ball gown and glass slippers.   Before she leaves for the Ball in a golden coach she is warned that at midnight the magic will disappear and she will be a servant girl again.


Scene One – The Palace

The Ball is in full swing.  When Cinderella enters everyone, including the Prince is captivated by her beauty.  The King gives Cinderella a huge orange, which is found to contain a diamond bracelet.  The Prince then presents her with another orange from which she produces a wonderful crown.  Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters demand oranges of their own which prove to be nothing other than ordinary oranges!   Left along together, the Prince and Cinderella declare their love, but as midnight strikes Cinderella once more becomes a servant girl.   She flees, leaving behind a single glass slipper.   The Prince is inconsolable as all efforts to find the owner of the slipper prove fruitless.   Together with the King and his ministers, in search of Cinderella he travels to the Island of the Corsairs and to the Middle East, but not finding her he returns home.

Scene Two  – Cinderella’s House

The day after the Ball Cinderella awakes and wonders if the events at the Ball had been a dream, but then she finds the glass slipper in her room.  Her stepmother and stepsisters enter and mockingly tell Cinderella about the Prince and his lost Princess.

Trumpets sound and the royal party arrives with the second glass slipper.  Stepsisters and Stepmother try in vain to squeeze their feet into the dainty slipper.   To the amazement of everyone Cinderella produces the matching slipper.  The Prince joyfully recognises her and asks the King to bless their marriage.

Scene Three – The Palace

The Prince and Cinderella are in a magical garden.  They rejoice in their love under the stars, watched over by the Fairies.